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Background. A California native, Steve Shea began his career at the age of 17, crawling around the wetlands of Orange County (no joke) and capturing unsuspecting wildlife on film. This hobby quickly grew into a profession. Birds and marshes were soon joined by rock stars, professional athletes and a staggering number of commercial products. In his down time, Steve still loves to crawl around in the mud. An avid camper and former Eagle Scout, he's happy to haul his equipment anywhere, anytime, and at a moment's notice. The more challenging the setting, the better. An expert at capturing authentic human experience, Steve is best known for bringing an innovative and fresh twist to all of his assignments. He's also been told that he's an "entertaining" personality and hardcore sugar junkie who can get even granite rocks to loosen up in his sessions. Celebrities dig him. Mothers love him. And animals are always following him home.

Experience and Credentials: At 43, Steve Shea has been working in his profession for over 20 years. A self-described lighting perfectionist, he is exacting and meticulous when it comes to the technical aspects of his job. He's been a Canon Professional Services (CPS) member for over 16 years and has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of traditional and digital photography, in both studio and outdoor environments. A dedicated professional, Steve prides himself on delivering high-quality images under extremely tight deadlines.

Specializations: Advertising, celebrity and action photography, bird calls.

Words Commonly Used to Describe Steve: Confident, high-energy, fun, professional, one-of-a-kind, dedicated, super-positive, health-minded.

Personal Note: Steve comes from a large family. He is both a sushi lover and Pilates enthusiast. He does not own a gun, but he does own a car and a passport and claims that he is not afraid to use them.

Photographer Steven Shea


Mail:  mrstevelives@yahoo.com

Phone:  (714) 321-4397

Whole Life Times

June 30, 2009+br430+br536+br1

Desert Magazine

July 9, 2009+br502+br648+br2

Coast 2010

November 27, 2010+br473+br576+br3

Whole Life Times Cover

June 30, 2009+br504+br623+br4

Whole Life Times

June 30, 2009+br427+br530+br5

Whole Life Times

June 30, 2009+br429+br532+br6

Whole Life Times

June 30, 2009+br429+br531+br7


June 30, 2009+br432+br539+br8


March 20, 2012+br576+br675+br9

Coast Magazine

March 20, 2012+br433+br648+br10

Equestrian Trails

March 20, 2012+br432+br648+br11

Hair by Raul Martez

March 20, 2012+br566+br720+br12

Symone Fairchild

January 6, 2010+br518+br648+br13

Jessie Hail

January 6, 2010+br518+br648+br14

Mike Ranquit

March 20, 2012+br850+br566+br15


April 7, 2010+br432+br648+br16

Hamptons Salon

June 30, 2009+br432+br648+br17


June 30, 2009+br344+br455+br18

Coast Kids

June 30, 2009+br494+br646+br19

Jon McEnroe

June 30, 2009+br427+br644+br20

Andy Irons

July 13, 2009+br850+br560+br21

Peter Mel

July 13, 2009+br850+br546+br22

Rob Machado

July 13, 2009+br850+br655+br23

Pat O'Connell

June 30, 2009+br627+br431+br24

Arnette.. Tony Hawk

June 30, 2009+br338+br450+br25

Daniel Franck

June 30, 2009+br649+br431+br26

Timmy Reyes

June 30, 2009+br570+br379+br27

Whitney Sanders

June 30, 2009+br359+br536+br28

Mona Grace

June 30, 2009+br250+br378+br29

Randy Harris

June 30, 2009+br358+br469+br30

Bron Huessenstam Surfing Magazine

June 30, 2009+br321+br450+br31


June 30, 2009+br313+br410+br32


June 30, 2009+br430+br565+br33

Marbella, Orange County

July 8, 2014+br850+br578+br34

UCI @ Hyundai

July 8, 2014+br850+br417+br35


July 8, 2014+br678+br648+br36


July 8, 2014+br576+br769+br37


July 8, 2014+br850+br396+br38

R.A. Industries

May 31, 2014+br850+br566+br39

R.A. Industries

May 31, 2014+br850+br566+br40

R.A. Industries

May 31, 2014+br576+br720+br41

R.A. Industries

May 31, 2014+br850+br637+br42

R.A. Industries

May 31, 2014+br850+br566+br43

R.A. Industries

May 31, 2014+br850+br566+br44

R.A. Industries

May 31, 2014+br850+br566+br45

Photographer Steve Shea

December 15, 2012+br850+br566+br46

Distortion Look Book 2013

February 19, 2014+br680+br680+br47

PX Clothing Look Book

February 13, 2014+br600+br600+br48

PX Clothing Look Book

February 13, 2014+br600+br600+br49


December 15, 2012+br648+br616+br50


December 15, 2012+br590+br648+br51


February 20, 2013+br648+br528+br52


February 20, 2013+br659+br720+br53

Outdoor Products

February 20, 2013+br506+br720+br54


February 20, 2013+br742+br680+br55

Gregory BackPacks

June 30, 2009+br387+br648+br56

Gregory BackPacks

June 30, 2009+br387+br648+br57

Gregory BackPacks

June 30, 2009+br387+br648+br58

Gregory BackPacks

June 30, 2009+br387+br648+br59


October 1, 2012+br850+br575+br60


October 1, 2012+br850+br505+br61

Outdoor Products

April 7, 2010+br480+br720+br62

Outdoor Products

April 7, 2010+br576+br655+br63

Outdoor Products

April 7, 2010+br850+br391+br64

Outdoor Products

April 7, 2010+br850+br360+br65

Outdoor Products

June 30, 2009+br424+br283+br66


June 30, 2009+br484+br647+br67


February 24, 2017+br453+br680+br68


February 24, 2017+br680+br680+br69

Shea Dance

February 24, 2017+br432+br648+br70


February 24, 2017+br432+br648+br71


February 24, 2017+br546+br648+br72

Shea Dance

February 24, 2017+br496+br720+br73

Shea Dance

February 24, 2017+br400+br600+br74


February 24, 2017+br600+br400+br75

Shea Dance

February 24, 2017+br480+br720+br76

Shea Dance

February 24, 2017+br400+br600+br77

Shea Dance

February 24, 2017+br400+br600+br78

Shea Photo Dance

February 24, 2017+br480+br720+br79

Shea Photo Dance

February 24, 2017+br480+br720+br80

The Budrows

May 31, 2014+br491+br720+br81

No Doubt

June 30, 2009+br648+br432+br82

Blink 182 ..Dude Ranch

June 30, 2009+br648+br733+br83

Blink 182 ..Dude Ranch

June 30, 2009+br648+br396+br84


June 30, 2009+br441+br648+br85


June 30, 2009+br432+br648+br86

Big Asia

March 26, 2010+br648+br432+br87

Big Asia

March 26, 2010+br583+br381+br88

Byron Williams

June 30, 2009+br567+br378+br89

Mike Watt

June 30, 2009+br540+br360+br90

the Daylights

June 30, 2009+br468+br684+br91

Toko Tasi ..Skunk Records

June 30, 2009+br648+br432+br92

Rival Sons

June 30, 2009+br617+br576+br93


June 30, 2009+br850+br582+br94

Phileano ..Skunk Records

June 30, 2009+br470+br432+br95

B Real w/Cypress Hill

June 30, 2009+br424+br648+br96

Dale Fisher

June 30, 2009+br432+br439+br97

Basic Headshot

July 8, 2014+br667+br613+br98


July 8, 2014+br850+br482+br99

Arthur Graves III

July 8, 2014+br518+br648+br100

Raul Martez - Paul Mitchell

July 8, 2014+br566+br720+br101

Raul Martez - Hair Stylist

July 8, 2014+br490+br648+br102

Datta Law Firm, Long Beach

July 8, 2014+br544+br680+br103

UCI Alumni - Darwin Chen @ Kingston

July 8, 2014+br544+br680+br104

RA Industries, Orange County

July 8, 2014+br544+br680+br105

David Schnepp, Los Angeles

July 8, 2014+br480+br720+br106

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